Rugged Vision-III

Indoor/Outdoor DVR for Land & Sea

IMAGE: Black Night 700 Bullet Cameras

Rugged Vision-III

  • 4/8/16 Channel DVR
  • Built In Monitor
  • Camera Power Supply
  • Nema 4x case
  • HD-TVI DVR 1080p Video
Factory Direct Price
  • 4 Channel
    4tb Storage-------
  • 8 Channel
    4tb Storage-------
  • 16Channel
    4tb Storage-------
Install Cabinet in shaded area or out of direct sunlight

To Order
Rugged Vision-III Call 1-866-301-2288

Outdoor DVR

IMAGE: Black Diamond technology Infrared LED's

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IMAGE: Black Diamond technology Infrared LED's

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IMAGE: Black Diamond technology Infrared LED's

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IMAGE: Black Diamond technology Infrared LED's

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 Rugged Marine builds low cost Weatherproof DVR's for challenging environments, whether indoors in dusty, corrosive environments, or outdoors in the heat, cold and weather.

  Rugged Marine builds this weatherproof DVR in a UL rated NEMA 4X, UV resistant, corrosion proof Fiberglass (FRP) enclosure that is non-conductive, lighter, easier to drill or saw, less expensive than stainless steel, and is just as corrosion proof. Rugged Marine then insulates the enclosure and adds stainless steel hinges, lockable closures, and neoprene gaskets, which gives the user an enclosure that will provide optimum protection in the harshest environments, such as subdivision gates and entries, chemical plants, food processing, refineries, oil well and tank battery sites, water and wastewater treatment facilities and even platforms or ships at sea.

 The RuggedVision III weatherproof DVR from Rugged Marine is our 3rd Generation of ruggedized DVR's for challenging environments, and can be configured to operate at temperatures down to -40° below zero (with optional adhesive heating pad), and up to +140° F. Rugged Marine makes this possible by utilizing our extended temperature series of ruggedized DVR's, then extending the range even farther by use of the enclosure (especially at lower temps in cold climates).

 The end result is a weatherproof indoor/outdoor DVR that is thousands less than using custom made stainless steel enclosures that have fan forced heat and expensive air conditioning systems.

 The RuggedVision Weatherproof DVR can be ordered with the type of technology you need:

  • Super-Wide 960H Analog DVR (4,8 or 16 channels)
  • 1080p HD-SDI DVR's (4,8 or 16 channels)
  • IP NVR (4,8 or 16 channels)

  Each type is totally networkable and accessible on the Internet with complete control and monitoring from Desktops, Cell Phones, iPads or other devices. You can even monitor and control multiple Weatherproof DVR's that are in different locations, all on one screen. They can even be different types (Analog, HD-SDI, IP).

 Users can control and program almost every feature and setting remotely, and even transfer archived footage clips – from anywhere in the world. Different password levels enables the administrator to set permissions, restrict viewing of certain cameras and even who can search the archives or transfer event footage from the unit.

 If Internet access is not available at the installation location, the Weatherproof DVR can still be totally managed right at the DVR. The inside front panel contains a full control panel, infrared receiver for the wireless remote and USB stick ports for transferring archive footage or updating the firmware. There is also a 10” 1080p Monitor connected via HDMI, that gives you high resolution camera views and Menu screens.

 Options for the RuggedVision III Weatherproof DVR include:

  • adhesive 110 volt Heating Pad for operation down to -40° F below
  • 1 to 4 Terabyte Hard Drives (1 Tb standard – 2 drives supported)
  • Additional weatherproof front door lock (with neoprene raintight cap) to supplement the side locks
  • Pole Mounting hardware (2” through Telephone Pole sizes adjustable)

 Each RuggedVision III Weatherproof DVR comes with everything you will need for a complete system installation, and will be operational upon initial power-up:

  • 4, 8 or 16 Channel DVR or NVR installed (with Quick Reference Guide & Digital Manual)
  • 9 or 18 Channel 12V DC Camera Power Supply installed
  • 1080p 10” Monitor built-in
  • Inside Front Panel Control Panel for DVR operation and management
  • Remote Control for DVR
  • 4 or 8 Cable Glands for bare wire entry to enclosures
  • Putty block for sealing cable glands or conduit openings after installation (necessary to keep moisture and insects from entering the enclosure)
  • Double outlet 110v AC plug supplied (have your electrician wire a dedicated power circuit to the plug – then seal the power conduit as well)

 During installation, any size hole can be drilled or cut to allow for any size or type of traditional or waterproof conduit. Once the wiring has been installed, trimmed and connected, use the supplied putty to seal up each conduit entry to keep the enclosure sealed. Cold air, insects and even moisture can enter the enclosure through the conduit entries if they are not sealed. These entries must be sealed to comply with the Warranty requirements.

Rugged Vision-III Outdoor DVR

Super-Wide 960H Analog DVR

Operating System Embedded Linux - Built in flash memory

Language Chinese, Chinese(S), Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hungari, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Sweden, Turkish
User 15 Users (Admin., User1 ~ User14)
Access Front button, Mouse, Remote control, Network, Key controller
Hexaplex Live monitoring, Recording, Playback, Backup, Network, Setup
SystemNTSC / PAL - Select switch
Input16, 8, 4 BNC
VideoOutput 1 HDMI, 1 VGA, 1 BNC
Loop N/A
Spot★ 1 BNC - Multi-channel (16/9/4/1)
AudioInput 16, 8, 4 RCA
Output HDMI, RCA
Speed real-time
Resolution★ HD-TVI 1080p, 960H (960x480), D1 (720x480), CIF (352x240)
Video RecordingModeSchedule, Watermark
Event Sensor, Motion, Audio
Quality 5 Levels
Bit Rate1 ~ 5Mbps/Ch, Adjustable
Audio RecordingSampling Rate16KHz
Bit Rate 32Kbps

SearchGo to first rec. time, Go to last rec. time, Go to last search time, Calendar, Log viewer, Smart search, Multi-time & day search, Event search
Mode Event only playback, Backward, Pause, Frame by frame, Panorama Speed up (x1 ~ x32, x300)
Interface Ethernet 10/100/1G
Compression H.264
NetworkSpeed Max. Q960H 8fps/ch
Resolution Max. 960H
ModeBandwidth control
BackupInterfaceUSB2.0, Network
Format Video clip (Backup viewer), JPEG Still Image
Pre/Post-Alarm 5sec / 5sec~5min
AlarmMotion Grid16 x 12 (NTSC/PAL)
Alarm ActionE-mail, Channel Popup, Buzzer, Relay, PTZ Preset, Spot, Remote CMS, Front LED
Input / Output4/1, 4/1, 4/1 - NC/NO/EOL
TV SDTV(720x480/576)
Display Mode 16/9/4/1/SEQ - LIVE, 16/9/4/1 - P.B
Camera Adjust Left, Right, Up, Down, Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Saturation, Sharpenes
TV AdjustLeft, Right, Up, Down
Camera Title Name English : 20 characters - Chinese, Japanese, Korean : 10 characters
External InterfacePTZ / Keyboard ★ 2 RS485 - Terminal Block
Primary 2 HDD
StorageExternal 1 eSATA optional
Jog-shuttle N/A
EOL Register(10K) ★ 4Ch
Coaxitron ★ Yes
Privacy Zone Yes
Covert Channel Yes
Digital Zoom x1 ~ x16
Watermarking Yes
Features Two-way Audio Yes
Detection / SearchMotion, Sensor, Audio
Fan Fail Yes
E-mail 5 User with still image
Capture1080p, XGA
iSCS Recording ★ Yes ?
CMS, VMS, RMSWindows
Smart Phone (3G)Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry
Mac Viewer ★ Apple Mac OS
Power Supply 12V/5A
Consumption 60Watts
Operating Temp.40° ~ 104° F
General Humidity10 ~ 80%
Weight w/o HDD 6.75 lbs
Dimension 13.40"(W) x 11.80"(D) x 2.30"(H)
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS Compliance

Rugged Vision-III Monitor Specifications

Display Size 9.7" (in) Diagonal
Format Ratio4:3
Display Resolution1024 x 768
Video InputHDMI, VGA others
Operating Temperature32° F to +104° F
Brightness / Color / ContrastAdjustable
Operating Power12v DC
Accessory Remont Controler
Weight2.65 lbs
Dimensions Monitor Only10.50(W)x 7.60(H)x1.53"(D)
Dimensions Mounting Plate 9-5/8"(W)x6-7/8"(H)x1"(D)

Rugged Vision-III Power Supply Specifications

Input Voltage AC90 - 264V
Input Voltage Frequency50/60 Hz
Output Voltage12 VDC ±10%
Total Output Current10Amp (1.1amp per channel connection)
Total Output120W
Fuse TypePTC Fuse
Fuse Rating1.1A/60V